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Quality.  Creativity.  Craftsmanship.

Each piece of AZ Art Pottery is handcrafted in studio ensuring that it will be unique and distinctive.  A variety of surface design techniques are applied and chosen to fit form and function to create a piece of art pottery that is  beautiful and durable.  From delightfully decorated tablescapes, whimsical garden accessories and distinctive sculptural pieces, AZ Art Pottery will bring a joyful sparkle to your home and garden.


About AZ Art Pottery and

artist Sarah Byrne

From her childhood in Arizona’s  rural mountain country, Sarah Byrne stayed true to her roots molding her life much like the clay that is her medium. Throughout her youth she found creativity, whether it be in school or working with animals, a driving passion. Her journey as an artist began in elementary school, where art was her favorite subject.


Education has also been an important facet in her life. Not only obtaining her degree from Northern Arizona University, but also working within the school district where her two sons learned the joys of musical art.  A lifelong supporter of the arts, she is an enthusiastic volunteer and philanthropist raising funds and the awareness of the importance of the Arts in Education. As her children left the nest, Sarah was able to further expand her interest in education as a driving force in the establishment of a non-profit arts education center in Cave Creek, Arizona. It was during this time that her interest in ceramics blossomed.


While she had worked with ceramics for 20 years, it was 2022 when the recognition and support of professional artists spurred her to take the leap from the hobbyist designation to professional working artist. It was her ability to work with a variety of clay bodies, techniques and wheel throwing to hand building that drew the attention of professionals. “It was the support not only from artists, but friends and family that allowed me to make the leap,” she adds.


Sarah’s studio is located in her Scottsdale, Arizona ranchette with a view of the peaks and foothills. The nature that surrounds her often is found in her focus on surface designs.  The menagerie of companion animals and husband Greg ensure that she always has encouraging woofs and words as she builds her creations.

Artist Statement

I love the kinesthetic energy of working with clay, how a raw material can be shaped and manipulated using your hands to create a beautiful piece of functional art. I am amazed at the way that clay can seem to defy gravity, can bend beyond its’ limits, and be used to create intricate sculpture. I can have a goal in mind when I start working, but the clay will often dictate the final piece. The joy, for me, is in discovering what the piece of clay wants to be and finding a way to bring that forward.

A piece of bisque fired clay is a blank canvas when it comes to surface design. I am always inspired by nature and the beauty of the Sonoran Desert. My work reflects the joy I find in creating art that is durable and can be used in everyday life.

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